What is UPVC?

Gone are the days of PVC, now we have added an “U” to it i.e, uPVC (Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride).

The new age window making material uPVC is considered as the most preferred contemporary window making material because of its efficient feature, they act as excellent insulators, reduce energy bills by preventing thermal loss through the sash material. It is not effected by the weather or air pollution, salt, acid rain industrial pollution, pesticides, smog and discoloration and structural damage .The traditional window framing material like wood aluminum etc lag behind in comparison with this new age material in these fronts.

Its user friendly and Eco Friendly, its readily accepted and safe.

Benefits of UPVC?



UPVC Windows

»  Sliding Windows
»  Casement Windows
»  Combination Windows
»  Top Hung Windows
»  Ventilator Systems
UPVC Doors

»  Sliding Doors
»  Casement Doors
»  Combination Doors

»  Design
»  Site Survey
»  Installation
»  Post Sale Services

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